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Hey everyone, I hope you're all well ! Today I m going to talk about my favorite lip product of the moment: the Apocalips Lip Lacquer by Rimmel London. 

Those new products have been out in the UK for two weeks or so, and I was really excited to try them out. Why? First, because Rimmel London is a cheap high-street brand, so it is affordable and if I don't like it, I haven't ruined myself. Second, because I've heard UK Beauty bloggers rave about it soo much about how amazing they are. So when they came out in stores, I had to try one  !

I've chosen the color "Apocaliptic", a bright fushia.


As you can see, the packaging is very futurist and original. I'm a fan of the shape of the plug, it is really representing the idea of "apocalips" I think. It also allows us to see the colour of the actual product, which is always good.

What can I say about this colour? WOW. This is the first thing which came to my mind when I've tried it the first time. I was nearly shocked by how pigmented this little thing is. I'm not joking here! The smallest amount of product will be enough to colour your entire lips. The first time I wasn't careful and I nearly put pink all over my face and teeth !! So be careful !

Sans titre 1

The application is still nice, you just have to make sure you don't take too much product. It has a sort of gloss applicator, which made everything easy to do.

You can build it up, put a single lawyer or more if you want to achieve a very dramatic look. I think for nights out  it is definitely the right thing to do, everyone will notice your incredible lips !!

Sans titre 2

Something great about it is also its staying power. As it is a lip lacquer, it stays for ages on the lips, without drying them too much. Maybe add a bit of lip balm on top to make sure they'll be moisturize all day long. It will also add a glossy finish, so feminine !

If you are a bit afraid of this bright fuchsia shade, Rimmel also has more neutrals one... But also bright red, which I'm really tempted to try next haha !

Sans titre 3

And here you can see the result on me .. Do you like it ? I think it is really pretty and definitely brings life to my face in the dull winter !

Let me know if you try them! I'll speak to you all soon, hope you're having a nice evening.

Love, Liz xx

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