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Hey everyone ! I hope you are all alright ! I found some time to write my first "fashion" article. I'm going to show you what I carry in my bag in a day to day basis, when I'm not going to Uni. It is a really girly bag, and maybe you can pick up some ideas from it. I may do one with my stuff from University too, let me know if you wanna see that !

I've linked the video I've filmed showing you everything, hopefully you liked it! It is the start of my English YouYube channel, I'm still not 100% fluent while I'm speaking but it is a good way to improve myself. If you enjoy it, feel free to give it a thumb up or even subscribe, it would make my day !

But here is what is inside my bag in pictures:

contenu sac

-Accessorize purse: I got it last year, and I just adore the mix between the red and fuchsia colors. It makes it easy to find in the black inside of my bag, and it just makes me happy really !

-Channel Lipstick, range Coco Shine in the shade Boy. I had it last year for my birthday, and it is the perfect everyday color. Good basic to have in your girly handbag !

-Carmex Lip balm, classic. I just adooore this lip balm, it is really moisturizing and for this freezing winter, it is just my best friend !

-Soap&Glory hand cream. It is saving my hands, and the smell is delicious !

-Instant light lip-gloss by Clarins. It is a sort of lip-gloss, and gives a flawless finish to the lips. I love it!

-Apple. Not the brand, the actual fruit. I'm trying to get healthy and lose some weight, so I always try to keep one in my bag, better than a twix !

-Headphones. Mine are dead, so I need to purchase some news ones, exciting!

-Doliprane, or paracetamol. In case of headache, it is a life savor. Always have some in my bag!!

-Tissues. I don't think I need to explain why, it is just useful !

-Longchamp purse. I keep some coins in there, it is easier to find them in there!

-Oyster card. Well, in London, when you want to take the tube, it can be good to have it with you.

-English phone. I have a Samsung Galaxy something, and to be honest I really like it. It is light, slim, easy to use. Team Samsung!

-Barry M lipstick. It is a vampy color, which I love during winter. And it is cheap! Woop.

-Ipod. I love love love music. If I don't have my Ipod with me, I feel naked.

-French phone. It is a Blackberry curve, and I can't wait to change it..

-Student/Flat cards. Good to go into Uni and good to be able to enter my student house.

sac 3

sac 2

sac 1

I ordered my bag from Ebay, click here to find it. It is a dupe for the Alexander Wang Rocco Bag, and I just freaking LOVE it !

Hope you've enjoyed, see you all soon !

Love, Liz xx

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