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Hey everyone !

Today I'm (again) going to talk about nail polishes. I don't know, I think I may have an obsession with these. My recent discovery is the brand Nail Inc, which I've already seen on many blogs, but because of the price never tried any.

I was in France the other day, in my Sephora and it was the sales. And YES, some Nail Inc polishes were sailed at -50%. Oh joy! Oh joy!

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The first shade I've chosen is a beigy nude. I really wanted this kind of color, I think it is chic and goes with everything. As my new OPI polishes, it is giving nice cleans hands, and is wearable for any occasion. It's called 'Basil Street', and I adore the result. I forgot to take a picture of my nails with it though, but you can find plenty of swatches here .

The second shade, I nearly had an heart attack when I saw it (I know, I can get a bit too dramatic when it comes to colors ...)! I have wanted this one for sooo long! I had seen it in Viviana's blog (Vivianadoesmakeup) and I had totally fallen in love with it at the time. So when I saw it in the sell box at Sephora, I had to take it !! It is called 'Baker Street', a street which I know well in London, so it was even better. The packaging is super loud and glittery, you either love it or hate it I guess!

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Those two nails polishes are without a doubt becoming two of my favorites. First, they apply very easily, and knowing how bad I am at applying   nail polishes, it is a good point ! They have a really reasonable lasting power, I had Basil Street without any topcoat (urgent need to buy one!) and it had last 3 days without moving.

I would definitely recommend them! I know they are still expensive, but choose one or two good colors that you know you will wear a lot, and I promise you won't regret it.

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Pictures from my Instagram (@elisamacg), while I was wearing Baker Street. Brilliant shade right ? I'm in LOVE.

I hope you've enjoyed this article, I'll speak to you all soon !

Love, Liz xx

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