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Hey everyone ! I hope you are well and having a nice week. Today I'm going to write another review about one of my favorite lip product at the moment. It is from the brand Bare Minerals and it is their Pretty Amazing lip-color. I have one on the shade 'Fearless', which I have found during the sales at Sephora.

I chose it completly randomly, and I was a bit scared I've picked up a lip-gloss and not a lipstick. But on the box, it was written lipstick so .. In fact, it is a liquid one !

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I was pleasently surprised, as the application is really simple (like you were applying a gloss), and the finish is the same as a lipstick. It is SUPER pigmented, so a small layer of it on the lips is way enought, and you will probably need to blur it a bit so that it looks natural. The color I've chosen is a nudy pink, which raise the shade of your lips. As bloggers/youtubeurs say, "it is your lips, but better!".

The staying power of it is satisfying, and it will last a good part of the day. It doesn't smell of anything in particular, and the texture is pleasant to have on, it is not at all sticky like a gloss can be.


Let me know if you've tried any of those products ! The original price was around 20euros, I got mine for 9euros which is good ! But I think it worth the original price, as the quality is pretty amazing !

I'll speak to you all soon ! Don't forget to visit my English YouTube channel here, it would make my day ! Thanks !

Love, Liz x

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