Sprinkle of Glitter's Beauty bedroom challenge


Bedroom Beauty Challenge

Hello everyone !

Today Im replying to a challenge from the blogger/Youtubeur Louise from Sprinkle Of Glitter. She is an amazing person and she inspires my every day. You can go and check her blog here, she is super fun and her blog is a pleasure to read :)

Anyways, she created this beauty challenge, I think there will be one every week on Friday, which is exciting hehehe ! The first one is "Vivacious Vixen". First I wasn't really sure what she was talking about haha ! I think the best for this was to use warm shades and a bright lipstick !

So here is the look I've created, it is simple and good to wear at any occasion. I'm not good at all to take photos of makeup, so the result isn't super great ! But I don't mind, I just wanted to take part of this little funny challenge :)


bedroom beauyty 031

bedroom beauyty 034

bedroom beauyty 043

I hope you've liked it, and if you come here on my blog Louise, I hope you've enjoyed it too :) Here is a kiss for you georgous !

I'll talk to you all soon, now back to my history essay !

Love, Liz xxx

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