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Helloooo everyone, how are you all doing? Today I wanted to talk about something else than nail polishes (yes, I know, that was hard), and to talk about my new favourite shower gel.

The one I'm using at the moment is from The Little Bubble Co and is in the sent "Coconut Creme".

Now, I know some of you may think "seriously, an article about shower gel? Is it really important?" Well, for me it is crucial. Why? Because I'm the kind of person who finds it very difficult to get out of bed in the mornings, so if I know that I least I will have a relaxing hot shower accompanied with a yummy sent and creamy shower gel, that makes me feel better and more up to do something of my day.
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A couple of days ago, I came across a YouTube video from FleurDeForce, (click here to see her channel), saying how much she loves the brand The Little Bubble Co, and that they are available in Waitrose. I have a Waitrose right next door, plus I needed a new shower gel as I've ran out of my French one which I can't find in the UK (oh cruel world), so I just popped there and had a look.

There were three sents available, but I've found the two others (Cupcake and Strawberries) to be way too chemical and strong for me. I've always preferred fresh and light fragrances, so I gave a sniff to the last one available, the Coconut Creme one.

Normally I'm not a fan of coconut sent, but I've liked it since I've discovered the Organix shampoo with Coconut, so now I'm use to it.

I actually really like this perfume, it feels sort of cozy and warm to make me comfy under the shower.

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The texture of the product is super creamy, it is just a delight to use it. I have to confess, I like to use quiet a huge amount of shower gel, just to make sure it lathers well, it is just how I like it (not good for the environement I guess .. Oups!)

As the bottle says, it gives a feeling of holidays in an amazing beach somewhere in the ocean. The sent is relaxful and stays something like two hours on the skin.

Another plus is the fact that it doesn't contain any parabens, which is great for the health and balance of the skin, in particular in winter when it is particulary assaulted by the cold temperatures and the wind (I know what I'm talking about here, Oooh the joy of British weather).

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I also enjoy the packaging of this little thing. I know it isn't essential, but it is always a plus in the bathroom. It somehow reminds me of Philosophy products. The small notes at the back telling a bit more about the compagny are funny and cute, like "Please don't eat this product.. it is for your skin only!" or "let the cheeky bubbles kiss your skin with softness", how cute ?

It is made in the UK, so good for the economy of the country (I know a lot about those things .. Not), and, AND, it is cheap. The capacity of the product is big (500ml) and the price is small ! Only 2,46£ if I can remember well, and apparently they have promotions on them from time to time ! What else can we ask for ?

So please let me know what you think of this if you have tried it already, and I'll speak to you all soon ! Love, Liz x

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