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Sans titre 4Hey everyone ! How are you all ? Today I'm coming back to show you a beautiful new lips product of mine. It is from TopShop and it is the shade "Sartorial".

First of all, I wanted to say I've only tried out one lipstick from Topshop, and I've really like it. It was in the shade "Innocent" and was a pale pink. This time, I wanted to be a bit more daring and go for a more vibrant color.

Sans titre 7The packaging is simple but chic, and solid. The little pastille on the bottom of the tube shows exactly the shade of the lipstick, so you know which color you are choosing in the difficult mornings.

Sans titre 5What can I say? I adore this lipstick. If I had to describe it, I would say it is a orangy red, but also with some pink undertones, so quite versatile. You can make it very wearable by applying a light layer of color and blend is gently with your finger, or you can make it dramatic by going strong with it.

Either way, it is super pretty and gives an immediate boost to my face, makes my skin look more luminous in a way. A real plus during winter !

Sans titre 6The lipstick itself is well pigmented and show off as it is in the tube on the lips. Its lasting power is great, I think it can last maybe up to two hours and then start to fade, which in my opinion is normal for a lipstick, we need to eat and drink with it right ?!

Sans titre 9I was a bit hesitating to wear it during winter and to keep it only for Spring/Summer, but in the end a pop of color is all I need in this grey London !

Sans titre 8In conclusion, I would highly recommend you to try TopShop lipsticks, and there makeup in general ! This product costs 8£.

Have you ever tried one of those lipstick ? Which one is your favourite ?

I'll speak to you all soon,

Love, Liz xx

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