Chanel, Lancôme & Shu Uemura Spring 2013 Collections


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2013, the year of delicacy? This is the idea which emanates from the last Chanel’s Spring/Summer collection campaign, named “Printemps précieux”.

The model appears refreshing and in pastel colours, promoting their latest products: an illuminating powder and a lipstick, coming along with other items.

The makeup she is wearing is soft and simple, focusing on deep pink lips and a flawless and luminous base; ideal for an everyday look.

This season collection is giving a very sage image of Chanel, promoting a pure image of woman.

The shades are nude, and reflected in the background of the ad. The model’s natural beauty blends perfectly on this pink pastel colour, printed with the Chanel logo, the Chanel flower and various designs of cosmetics.

This ad concentrates on the innate beauty of the mannequin, with a background which doesn’t still the star-turn of the proposed look.

lancôme spring xxyLancôme chose a very different approach for its 2013 spring/summer collection, called “In Love Spring Colour”.

The brand offered itself the teenage idol of a whole Harry Potter generation, the fresh and bubbly Emma Watson.

In a need to get rid of its classic image, the label picks up a lot of vibrant and bright colours, such as the orange or a deep fuchsia. This background is shadowing a flawless Emma, who is proposing the perfect summer make-up look; composed of pink and blue shades.

She is wearing the blue colours of the palette, with bronzy cheeks and a pink lipstick.

This composition can be easily recreated by young woman, who are clearly targeted in this ad.

The whole artistic side of this advertising is giving a romantic and flirty touch to the products and delivers an attractive and young image of Lancôme.

shu uemura xxyShu Uemura has always been a creative brand, giving a first place to the artistic side of its products and campaigns; and is proving it for its 30th Anniversary.

For its last collection, the label has chosen, like Channel, to create a pastel, yet colourful, look.

Blossom Dream, the collection name, is giving a good clue of what the brand makeup artists have decided to create.

The model, a young and pure-looking woman, has her head wrapped in a pink set of flowers, which seems to escape graciously in a gentle wind movement.

The whole artistic image is poetic and seems to be out of a summery dream, with soft colours blended together to form an original make-up.


Channel, Lancôme and Shu Uemura all proposed beautiful looks for the spring/summer season, but the one which stands out the most is the Lancôme one. Its ad is perfectly reflecting the products with a mix of pop colours, beautifully blending with Emma Watson’s make-up look, giving a boost at its marketing image. A winner!

Hope you've enjoyed this article, which was supposed to be published but in the end wasn't, so I'm glad I can publish it myself on my little blog! Let me know what you think !

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