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Hola ! How are you all internet friends ? Today I'm AGAIN talking about a Barry M nail polish. But this time I won't write an article about it, because the last article I've done is also about a Barry M nail polish, and they are the same (except for the color) so if you want to read that, please go and check this article : click here 

To sum up, it is a beautiful red color called "Raspberry" and I love it so damn much. I think this is the perfect chic red shade, so classy and timeless !

And for the small price (less than 3£), it is a bargain !

Today I just want to share with you the pictures I took to embellish the product. My mum bought me those amazing flowers when she came during Valentines day, and I tought it was looking very good for the background !

Do you like it as much as I do ? Let me know ! I hope you'll have an amazing Sunday, for me I'm going to London Fashion Weekend with a friend !

I'll speak to you all soon, love, Liz x


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