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Hello people of the internet ! How are you all ? Today I am going to show you once again one of my favorite nail polish. I have a sort of obsession on having colors on my nails, it is something which make me really happy for some weird reasons. This addiction will I think never end, as I have my eye on some other shades, but more summery so I will have to wait I'm afraid ..

Anyway ! The color I'm in love with is "Ceramic Blue" by Gemey Maybelline, their "Forever Strong Prop" line. I first saw this marvelous shade on EssieButton blog, and it was love at first sight. Literally.

At this time I was in France, and I prayed to be able to find it in my Monoprix, but somehow my prayers were heard ..

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How to describe it ? It is a beautiful pale blue, with the most amazing shimmer/reflects in it, giving it a great dimension. Some people would say it is more of a spring/summer color, but I can say it is also wearable in the dark winter ! As it is really light, it goes with a lot of different color, so it tends not to clash with any of my outfits.

As you can see on the picture below, I find it really pretty when associated with gold rings or gold accessories, it makes my hands look super delicate and chic. An amazing pair !

gemey 3

What about the application? It is one of the only nail polish which I find easy to apply, as the brush is quiet big. You have to apply two coats of it to have the best result, and of course don't forget to apply a topcoat once you are done with the color.

The staying power is also satisfying. Altought my nails tends to split, no nail polishes last a long time on them, but thats alright. It can last maybe 2 or 3 days without shipping, good job little thing !

Have you tried this color or this range from Maybelline yet? Let me know what you think in the comments !

I'll speak to you all soon, have an amazing and fabulous week-end !

Love, Liz xx

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