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Hey everyone ! Today I'm coming back with my nail care routine. I never thought I will be able to have good looking nails anymore. I'm a massive fan of nail polishes, and as a consequence my nails weren't in good conditions. Too much nail polish, too much nail polish remover, not enough care on them .. 
They were constantly breaking, splitting, and not growing at all. I really wanted to grow them again to be able to do French Manicure, but really it wasn't possible at the time because they were so short and damaged. 

This is why I decided to try out some products and to hope they will have a positive effect on my nails. Bingo! I have found really good ones, and I'm going to share them with you now. If you are in the UK, they are available in shops like Boots, Superdrug’s. If you are from anywhere else go on Amazon, I know they are available on there! (for cheap). 

Alright, where do I start ? 

First step: I use this strange nail file, which has four different sides. One is to file the nail edge, one is to remove ridges, one is to smooth the nail and the last one is to make the nail shine. I use this every two days to make sure my nail is in good shape, is smooth and can then grow well. Since I use this my nails look sooo much better ! This thing doesn't cost anything, and you can really find it anywhere. A must have for me now. 

Second step: I cut my nails with a small scissors if I need to. Just once again to make sure my nails are in a good shape.

Third step: I use two different products to condition my nails if that make sense. The first one I use is I think the product which helped my nails the most. It is the Flexitol 'cuticle and nail Cream'. This is a cream which will help your cuticles to be smoother, but will also help your nail to become stronger and to grow again. It is also good for split fingers, which I have (had!). I apply a small amount of this on my nails, massage them for about two minutes, and then leave them two other minutes under warm water. It will help the product to really penetrate the nail, and then I just rinse it off. 
I have notice a huge difference since I use this, I couldn't recommend it enough ! Apply it daily or every two days for a fast result. 

I also use a small product from Burt's Bees, called 'Hand Salve'. This little thing is a balm for your hands, but I like to apply it in my nails after I've used the Flexitol cream. It helps moisturize the nail and the skin around it, I really like it. I massage during two minutes and rinse it off. 

Fourth step: the nail polishes. I once again have two products to talk about. 
The first one is from Sally Hansen and is called 'Double Duty'. As its name suggest, it has a double action: it is a strengthening base and a Top Coat. Excellent for lazy people like me! When I don't put nail polish on, I just put this one as a base to help my nails to become stronger, and also to add a shine to them. It has also helped when combine to the Flexitol cream, I really enjoy using it. 

Then I have a nail polish from O.P.I, which is their famous 'Nail Envy'. This product was raved about on YouTube and Blogs, so I tried it out. Well, I'm not sure it worth the hype at all. First, it is bloody expensive (more than 20 euros in France!) and it doesn't work that well. As the Sally Hansen one, it is suppose to strengthen the nails, but na, I don't think it doesn't anything really. But I have heard people saying wonders about it, so maybe it is just not working on my nails ! Let me know if you've tried it and saw results. 

Alright, that is it for my nail care routine! I hope it will help some of you with bad nails, because I now can't help looking at mines, 'cause I'm so happy to see them in good health again. 

Thanks for reading, I'll speak to you all soon ! Bye Bye ! Liz. 

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