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Hey guys ! 
Today I'm here to write a small review about the Bioré Deep cleansing pore strips
A couple of months ago, my best friend and I were wandering around Boots, trying to find something nice to try. One of Louise'svideos popped in my head, and I remembered those little things. 

What are they? Basically, they are strips specially design to go on your noise and procure them an intense cleanse. Yummy, I know right ? 

How does it work? You simply need to put water on your nose so that it is a bit wet, and then apply the stripe correctly. It does contain tea tree oil and witch hazel, a great mix to pull out the dirt from your nose pores. (Sorry it is getting really graphic here!) 

Even if it isn't glamorous, well it does work! Once you've left the stripe on for about 10 to 15 minutes, you need to gently take it off. I say gently because the first time I thought my noise was going to come off too!

You will see that the dirt which usually obstruct your pores will be gone ( at least for a while...) and that it will have been purified thanks to the tea tree oil. It will help prevent blackheads to come back to soon, and in a super quick way ! 

The only "hic" is that it is kind of expensive, for six stripes you need to pay between 7 or 10£ .. But I keep them for special occasions, when I want my skin and my nose to look perfect really ! 

Have you tried this product already ? What do you think? Do you have cheapest alternatives ? 
Thanks for reading, talk to you all soon ! Liz.

My besty and I enjoying our deep cleanse .. (Sorry Marie!)

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