How I met the Pixiwoos !


Helloooo people! Today I'm going to write a really exciting article (at least for me!) about how I met the oh so famous Pixiwoos. Maybe this doesn't mean anything to you, but it does mean a lot to me ! 
I'm watching the Chapman sister’s videos for a while now, maybe two years. They are a huge source of inspiration for me, both in the beauty world but also thanks to their personality. 

The Pixiwoos in few words: two sisters, Sam & Nic Chapman. 537 videos on Youtube, quickly approaching a million subscribers worldwide. It is also more than 100 000 followers on Twitter, and more than 150 000 on Facebook. 
The key to their success ? Amazing and various makeup tutorials, but also beauty tips videos on their YouTube channel. Well explained, very professional but always with touches of humour. Fun, pleasant to watch, the Chapman crew has literally taken over the beauty sphere (and their relatives too, such as Jim Chapman and his fiancée Tanya Burr, known as Pixi2woo). 

More than being amazing on their own YouTube channel, they are also doing a collaboration with a quite new channel, called "Daily Mix TV". This platform includes the Pixiwoos, but also their little brother Jim Chapman, Tanya Burr, Ruth Crilly, Zoella.. Well, "la crème de la crème" of British YouTube talents. They have developed several little shows, such as "Pimp my boyfriend", "Style Me beautiful", or "Celebrity Make-over". 

They've started in the end of 2012, and the great thing is that anyone can participate in this channel. Indeed, you can send an application and luckily, you will be taken for a make-over or to take part of one of the shows. I've applied maybe 4 months ago, taking my chances as I live in London at the moment. I'm such a big fan of all those YouTubers, I already met Ruth from A Model Recommends, but I wasn't against the idea of meeting some more ! 

Initially, I've applied for the Celebrity Make-over with Tanya Burr, as some people said I look like Anne Hathaway (not!), and also for the Style Me Beautiful for my sis'. Days and months passed, and to be honest I had a very few hopes they will call me for one of those before I will go back to France for the summer. 

But .. They called ! 

This week, on the 2nd of April (it would have been the 1st I would have thought it was a joke..), I got a voice message on my phone (yes, I was having a little nap when they called...don't judge) from the Daily Mix team. 
Let me tell you that I nearly jumped all over my room, I was sooo excited and just couldn't believe they remembered me ! I mean, it was 5 months ago ! 

The next morning I called back, and they explained what they wanted me for. It wasn't for either of my two applications, but for new videos the Pixiwoos are now doing, called the "Master-class". These are simple tutorials, based on "How to" techniques: "how to apply foundation for your skin tone", that sort of thing. 
They asked me if I would be available on Friday the 5th to model for two of those videos. 

Of course my answer was a massive "YES". They were about to film an eye-liner and a contouring video, so they asked my face and eyes shapes. They told me they were going to call me soon to confirm. I was so happy, I really waited for this phone call to arrive. I mean, meeting the Pixiwoos? Having my make-up done by them, filmed by the Daily Mix team ? Yes please ! 

Finally the day before they called to confirm, and omg it was a happy me that went to bed, waiting for the next day to arrive as soon as possible. A bit anxious, but in a good way ! 

Okay, so now maybe I should explain how was the actual day? Well, pretty awesome. The shooting took place in Kentish Town, which was great as it is on my line. I though the area would be a bit not well attended, but actually it was pretty nice, with lot of space comparing to Central, and nice houses everywhere. 

After a short walk I arrived at the location, where I was nicely welcomed by the only guy of the very girly team. I walked into the room, and bam, saw Nic and Sam. It was just really weird to see them, acting like normal people, when I'm use seeing them behind a computer screen since absolutely ages. 

How are they? Well, exactly has we see them in their videos! Very beautiful I must say (even though Nic if you are reading this, I won't say anything about the picture you showed us ;)), also very kind and funny. Not intimidating, just natural and professional at the same time. A pleasure to be around with ! 

I arrived there without any makeup on my poor face, so for the first shoot Sam put some foundation and brow pencil on me, which may seem very stupid for me to say, but it isn't every day that it is Sam Chapman who does that ! It was quiet surreal. At least for me, and their fans will understand my fan girl reaction here haha ! 

So first it was Sam who did the most of the eye-liner makeup shoot tutorial, and then it was Nic turn for the contouring one. Once again, quiet surreal to have my makeup done by them. I still feel like it didn't even happened. 

Yet, I have absolutely no idea how the videos will look like, and how I will look like in them ! See the pictures? Well imagine it was me instead of Sam sitting on that chair ! Ahaha ! I look forward to them, and see myself on the Daily Mix channel, woop woop ! (moment of glory)

Then it was time to leave, the shooting lasted quite long, from 2:30pm to 5:30pm, so I was exhausted, but really happy and feeling so lucky to have met those makeup stars really ! If I could do it again, I would ! 

Thanks to Nic & Sam, but also to the Daily Mix TV team if some of you are reading this, it was an absolute pleasure to meet all of you, keep doing the great job ! 

I will speak to you soon, hope you've enjoyed this little (huge??) chatty article about this great experience! 

Click HERE for the Pixiwoo channel 

Click HERE for the Daily Mix channel 

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