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Hey everybody! Today I'm going to show you my outffit of the day ! I really like it, simple yet girly and feminine for Spring time ! 
If you know me, you probably see me most of the time in trousers or jeans, but never in dresses or skirts. Why? Just because I feel more confortable and "protected" when I don't show off too much, but hey, maybe it is time for a change ! I've been trying to buy few skirts and dresses, but I still wear a lot of jeans .. Ahum.

Anyways, here is the outfit, I will put the elements of what I'm wearing now : 
-Denim jacket: H&M
-Skirt: Primark
-Tee: Mango
-Shoes: H&M
-Scarf: H&M
-Watch: Michal Kors
-Earings: Primark
-Ring: H&M 
-Bracelets: Street Market in Italy

I hope you guys liked this outfit ! Let me know what you think ! Thanks a lot! Liz.

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