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Hey everyone ! Today I'm coming back to speak about my new foundation: the Nearly Naked by Revlon. I ran out of my trusty Healthy Mix Serum from Bourgeois (which I've been repurchasing for one year or two now), so I thought it was time to try something new !

I've heard several beauty bloggers/YouTubeurs talk about the new range from Revlon, and their Nearly Naked products which of course remind us of the Naked products from Urban Decay. I was already tempted to buy a Revlon foundation last year (the ColorStay one), but for some obscures reasons never done it.

I'm always looking for foundations which aren't too heavy on the skin, with a light to medium coverage. My skin is quiet nice, I don't have tones of spots but I do have some blemishes on my cheeks, they are pink and I like to cover them a bit, just to heaven out my skin tone really.

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I've chosen the shade "Shell 130", which I believe is the 3rd lightest colour. It has a yellow undertone, which is great if like me you have some redness on your face and want to conceal them lightly.

The consistency of the product is quiet liquidy, which gives a super natural effect on the skin. It is easy to blend and the finish is flawless. It feels like you are wearing nothing, which is a great plus ! First I've applied a light layer of it just to heaven out the skin, and then I've added a second layer only on my cheeks, which are my "problem" areas.

The result is between matte and glowy, more a satin finish really! I would highly recommend it if like me you have a combination skin, with an oily T zone and dry/sensitive cheeks etc. It isn't super moisturizing so you won't shine within 2 minutes, but it isn't so matte that your skin would feel itchy and uncomfortable !

Ask for the lasting power, I would say it last something like 6 to 8 hours, which is way enough for me !

Plus, it is affordable! I got it for only 8 quid’s in Boots ! Go and grad it !

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So I hope you've enjoyed this little review, let me know if you've tried this product and which is your fav' foundation ! See you soon, Liz x

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