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Hey guys ! Today I am going to review one of my best discoveries of the year so far for my skincare routine. It is the TAAJ Micellar water, purifying and revitalizing make-up remover for the face and the eyes. 

I've bought it in my Monoprix in France, but I know you can order it online here if you are in the UK. 
I decided to try it out to change from my endless Bioderma Créaline, which everyone adores. I also like it a lot, but I was starting to get bored of it. 

Few weeks ago, I was browsing Zoe blog, and I saw that she talked about this product, and that it was really good. As I trust what she says, I made a small note in my head "to try". 

Then, as I said, while I was walking in my Monop' in France, I saw it, without expecting it at all, I didn't really realize it was a French brand ! 

They were selling two different formats, a small one (100ml) and a huge bottle (500ml). As I was going back to the UK a few days later, I picked up the small version, which is perfect to try it. 

I have it since a good 3 weeks now and I'm still at a quarter of it. And let me tell you, I will repurchase it for sure ! I think I prefer it from the Bioderma one, which is saying something !!

First of all, my first impression was the scent of it. It is the best for the Spring/Summer. It is fresh and light, I love putting it on my face ! Also when you dab it on the face, it leaves a pleasant sensation of freshness, which is great after a hard or long day. 

More than that, the quality of it is 100% good ! It does take off the make-up super easily, even a strong or waterproof one. It doesn't leave a sticky feeling to the face and I haven't notice any bad reactions such as spots or blemishes after using it. 

To conclude, this product has totally satisfied my wishes ! TAAJ is a brand which I'd never tried before, but I think I will try out some more from them ! They aren't free but the quality is there for sure ! 

Have you tried this product before ? If so, what do you think ? Would you recommend me something different ? 
Thanks for reading ! Liz. 

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