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Hello internet friends!

Today I am going to talk to you a bit of how it is like to live in a student room. I am bored, I'm waiting for my laundry to dry, so why not take this time to share a bit of my world ??

room 016

I am living in a student house since October now. I won't tell the exact name of it here, but it is one close to my Uni, which is a good point. For me, it was the safest idea for my first year in London. As I didn't know a lot of people before moving in the big city, I didn't wanted to risk a flatshare .. Living in a student house is EXPENSIVE. It is a huge amount of money and honestly, I don't think it really worth it. Last year I was living in a flatshare in Marble Arch and it was cheaper than that. Anyway, it is still the best for my first year.

bed area

The place is super clean which is great and with a good security system. There is a range of room and I think I am in a "single studio" or something like that. What does that mean? Well, in my room I have: a bed, a desk, a cupboard, a kitchenette and the smallest bathroom in the world. The nice thing about it is that I don't have to share the last two, but the bad thing is that it makes everything small. It means that I live in one single room, and this for a year. I'm lucky to have quiet a big flat back home, so it was hard at the begining to get use to it... Now it is okay, but I can't wait to fly home tomorrow and enjoy some space!

kitchen area

But I won't complain too much as I know some people are in much worse situation than me. I just wich I had one more room! The rest is okay, we have to share a laundry room with only 3 machines to wash and 3 machines to dry, which is not a lot regarding the number of rooms in the student house! But it will do. We also only have one hoover and let me tell you, this is a hoover coming from the Middle Age. Like seriously ? What on Earth is this thing? I think one thing UK people need to discover is modern hoover. I sware it does exist.


We also have a small gym but to be honest, I don't use it as it only has machines and I hate using those, it is a bit dirty and not pleasant, I prefer group classes (yea I know, I'm a difficult person).


Anyway, my life in a student house could be better, but also could be way worse. I think I will manage to survive for a year, and then I will find a flatshare with some of my Uni friends!

view of the room

Let me know where you live if like me you are a student and you don't live anymore with your parents!

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